Family Group Sheet for Edward FitzRandolph and Elizabeth Blossom

by Terrie Lynn Bittner

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Edward FitzRandolph

Born: 5 July 1607 in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, England

Parents: Edward FitzRandolph and Frances Howes

Died: June/July 1676 Middlesex County

Buried: By tradition in Saint James Churchyard in Edison, New Jersey with Elizabeth in northwest corner close to Woodbridge Ave.

Married: 10 May 1637 in Scituate, Massachusetts by John Lothrop. (off-site link to Wikipedia because there is so little information online about Lothrop.)

Occupation: yeoman (In that time period, this most likely referred to owning a small amount of property or being a successful farmer.)

Scroll down on Wikipedia's article on the family of President Barack Obama to see how he is related to Queen Elizabeth II through Edward FitzRandolph.


Elizabeth Blossom

Born: Probably 1620, after the Mayflower departed for New England. (Her father's letter to Bradford says his only two surviving children were born after he departed from the Mayflower group.)

Died: 1713, according to FitzRandolph Traditions in Piscataway, New Jersey. Family tradition has her buried next to Edward, not her second husband.

Second marriage: John Pike on 30 June 1685. (link to Wikipedia article)

Parents: Thomas Blossom and Ann Elsdon

See a Timline of Elizabeth Blossom's life.



Nathaniel FitzRandolph:

Gender: Male

Born: August 30, 1640

Died: 10 December, 1640 at age 4 months and buried "in the calf's pasture."

Nathaniel FitzRandolph:

Gender: Male

Baptized: 15 May 1642 (Source: 1)

Died: 21 November 1713 (source 1)

Spouse: Mary Holley (source 1)

Married: November 1662 (source 1)

Spouse: Jane Hampton (previously married twice before, and married a fourth time after Nathaniel died.) (Source 1)

Married: 12 April 1706/1707 at Haddonfield Meeting, Haddonfield, New Jersey (Source 1)

Religion: Converted to Quaker religion, probably as result of first marriage. (Source 1)

From Source 1: "Nathaniel Fitz Randolph was one of the four who first asked for religious tolerance for the Friends in New England. In 1677, having joined the Quakers years before, and had in consequence suffered much persecution from the Plymouth government, exchanged his house in Barnstable for land in Woodbridge, N.J., and in the year afterwards, 1678-9, moved with his family to New Jersey. He served as associate justice of Middlesex Co., N.J. in 1688, 1692, and 1698; and in 1693-5, he represented Woodbridge in Provisional Assembly. In 1683, on the death of James Bollen, first Secretary of the Province, he was one of the two guardians of his children, and, on the establishment of the Woodbridge Monthly Meeting of Friends in 1706, he became a prominent member of the Society, and for seven years the Meeting was held in his house, until the completion of the Meeting House in 1713, two months before his death." (page 6)

Nathaniel was the most important reason Princeton University is in New Jersey. He did the bulk of the fundraising and also donated some of his own land. He is buried on campus.

Can Nathaniel FitzRandolph's descendents attend Princeton University for free? Sorry, it's just a legend!

Mary FitzRandolph:

Gender: Female

Baptized 6 October 1644

Died: 1649. About 5 years old.

Hannah FitzRandolph:

Gender: Female

Born: 23 April 1648

Died: 13 April 1705

Spouse: Jasper Taylor

Married: 6 November 1668

Mary FitzRandolph:

Gender: Female

Born: 2 June 1650

Died: 4 January 1738 in West Barnstable, MA and buried in West Barnstable Cemetery

Spouse: Samuel Hinckley (brother of Gov. Thomas Hinckley of Plymouth)

Married: 15 January 1668/1669 (She was his second wife.)

Tombstone Inscription (off-site)

John FitzRandolph:

Gender: Male

Baptized 7 October 1653 in Barnstable, MA

Died: 19 June 1727  in Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Spouse: Sarah Bonham

Married: 2 October 1681 in Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Joseph FitzRandolph:

Gender: Male

Born: 1 March 1656 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA

Died: 1726 in Piscataway, Middlesex, New Jersey

Spouse: Joannah Conger

Married: 16 January, 1686/1687

Elizabeth FitzRandolph:

Gender: Female

Born: about 1657

Died: 1702

Spouse: Andrew Wooden

Married: 22 August 1676

 Thomas FitzRandolph:

Gender: Male

Baptized: 16 August 1659

Died: 1745

Spouse: Elizabeth Manning

Married 23 November 1686


Hope FitzRandolph:

Gender: Female

Born about 1661 in Barnstable, MA

Died 1706 in Woodbridge, New Jersey

Spouse: Ezekiel Bloomfield

Married: 22 December 1680 in Piscataway, New Jersey


Benjamin FitzRandolph:

Gender: Male

Born: about 1663 in Barnstable, MA

Died: 5 October 1746 in Stoney Brooke, Princeton Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Spouse: Sarah Dennis

Married 1 July 1689 in Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Spouse: Margaret Robertson

Married: 14 May 1733





















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