Family Group Sheet for Zachariah Benjamin Salyer, Sr. and Elizabeth Dunn

by Terrie Lynn Bittner

Zachariah Benjamin Salyer, Sr. is the son of Charles Salyer and his wife Rebecca. He is my direct ancestor. Elizabeth is a mystery yet to be solved. I have seen listings that she is the daughter of Henry Dunn, born 1697, and an unknown mother.

Zachariah Benjamin Salyer, Sr. (My direct ancestor)

Born: 24 January 1730 in Woodbridge, New Jersey

Died: 1789 in Piedmont, Chowan County, North Carolina

Source: The Marvin Spradlin Family Page

Note: According to Sherri Slayton, whose page has much more than names and dates, Zachariah may be the ancestor family legend says was killed when a panther dropped from a tree onto his back while he was riding through the forest. He was killed by the panther and the panther was killed by someone who was with Zachariah.

Married: About 1751

Elizabeth Dunn

Born: 1732 in Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey

Died 22 April 1799 in North Carolina

Daughter of Henry Dunn and unknown mother


Isaiah Salyer, Sr.

Gender: male

Born 1752 in Moll's Creek, Rutherford, North Carolina

Nickname: Still

Family rumor has it that he was a Tory, but no verification available that I'm aware of. It is said he adopted the name Still after becoming a fugitive, because he was "still" Isaiah. (Sounds just like the kind of humor my family loves!) See Kim Watt's site.

More Sources:

The Spradlin Branches

Descendants of William SALLIER Third Generation

John Salyer

Gender: Male

Born 1760 in Rutherford, Chowan County, North Carolina

Died 5 October 1843 in Copper Creek, Scott County, Virginia

Spouse: Elizabeth

Married 1790